Providing Training and Resources

to GP Practices in support of the

General Practice Forward View

Providing Training and Resources

to GP Practices in support of the

General Practice Forward View

Providing Training and Resources

to GP Practices in support of the

General Practice Forward View

Welcome to DNA Insight

DNA Insight is a specialist training consultancy dedicated to supporting CCGs and GP Practices throughout the UK in the successful implementation of NHS England’s General Practice Forward View. We specialise in training support to CCGs and Practices in introducing the High Impact Actions of Active Signposting (non medical telephone triage), Correspondence Management, Reducing Missed Appointments/DNAs and Quality Improvement and Leadership.

Training for each of the High Impact Actions can be conducted as separate modules or can be combined to deliver a significant enhancement in Practice staff capability, freeing up more time for care. Following training with DNA Insight, typical GP Practices will be in a position to free up GP Capacity by up to 26%, reduce GP paperwork load by 80% and reduce Missed Appointments by over 30%.

ReceptionPlus™ – Active Signposting & Care Navigation Program

Our Reception Plus™ Active Signposting program is the UK’s only RCGP Accredited Active Signposting program. It  empowers Reception staff with the techniques and tools needed to move from appointment booker to actively helping patients find the most appropriate healthcare professional for their needs.

The non-medical telephone triage techniques are introduced and taught through the medium of half-day, engaging workshops with Reception staff, who become Care Navigators.

The Programme can deliver up to 26% reduction in unnecessary GP consultations, greater job satisfaction for Reception staff and happier patients who find it easier and faster to get the help they require.

CorrespondencePlus™ – Coding and Management of Medical Correspondence

The Coding and Management of Medical Correspondence is one of the Ten High Impact Actions transforming General Practice as part of NHS England’s GP Forward View strategy. It is also often known as Workflow Optimisation.

Our CorrespondencePlus™ Programme trains and supports Practice administration staff to read, code and distribute incoming clinical correspondence according to protocols determined by the GP.  Typically, up to 80% of the correspondence normally seen by the GP can better be dealt with by another member of the Practice team, thus reducing the amount of unnecessary paperwork placed in front of the doctor.

A trained Admin team can free up an average of 45 minutes per GP per day, enabling them to increase the number of patients seen or allocate more time to complex or chronic cases.

AppointmentsPlus™ – Reducing Missed Appointments

Through the AppointmentsPlus™ Programme, DNA Insight facilitates the adoption by Reception staff of tried and trusted, evidence based techniques that help patients to remember and commit to attending their appointments – or to contact the Practice to cancel if they can’t make it.

Drawing on successful studies from the field of Behavioural Science, these techniques are introduced and taught through the medium of half-day, engaging Workshops with Reception staff and Managers.

When deployed effectively throughout a GP Practice, Missed Appointments can be reduced by over 30%.



DNA Insight is the only consultancy in the UK specialising exclusively in supporting CCGs and GP Practices to implement NHS England’s GP Forward View strategy. We focus on helping Practices to introduce and successfully implement four of the ten High Impact Actions: Active Signposting, Correspondence Management/Workflow Optimisation, Reducing Missed Appointments and Quality Improvement.

Our experienced and accredited consultants draw on evidence-based research from the field of Behavioural Science and techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to identify highly effective techniques that are easy to understand and apply. In the case of reducing Missed Appointments, the addition of just two words by the Receptionist to the normal flow of a telephone booking can reduce missed appointments by 6.4%. By combining several of these powerful techniques missed appointments can be reduced by up to 31%.

We recognise that each GP Practice is unique in its staffing structure and in the pressures it faces, both internally and externally. In close collaboration with Practice Managers we therefore customise each of our programmes; ReceptionPlus™ for Active Signposting (non-medical telephone triage), CorrespondencePlus™ for the Management of Medical Correspondence and AppointmentsPlus™ for Reducing Missed Appointments, to the needs of each Practice. This maximises the chances of success, whilst being sensitive to the stress and pressures faced by staff who are already working to capacity.

For an introductory discussion about how we could help you to implement these High Impact Actions, please call us on 0800 978 8323 or complete the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page and we will be pleased to call you back.


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