As a Commissioner of GP Forward View training within an STP, CEPN, CCG, Federation or Locality, you are almost certain to experience a variety of levels of enthusiasm across your Practices, ranging from eager anticipation to indifference and occasionally even outright hostility. If you recognise this situation, then you are not alone – it has existed to a degree in many of the commissioning organisations we have worked with over the past year. It should not come as a surprise, or indeed be considered a weakness. Whether there are 5 Practices or 35 Practices to purchase training for, you will be doing so for what are often fiercely independent small businesses, led by experienced GPs who have a very clear vision of what they want for their Practices and their communities, and exhibit a wariness about the value and relevance of central organisations and hierarchies.

Achieving consensus in these circumstances can be a long and arduous process, not helped by the fact that many of the High Impact Actions require collaboration and alignment across a whole raft of organisations and interests. Planning and implementing change in GP practices is often faster, easier and more successful when it is done in collaboration and with expert facilitation. That is why preparation is important – it takes time and planning to create the conditions for success.

Fortunately, NHS England has also recognised this and have produced an excellent Self Assessment tool to help you assess where you are in securing buy-in to the training, and what areas need work on before you are ready to forge ahead with everyone on board. The tool comprises a set of questions on 7 aspects of readiness, which when scored, provide you with a spider diagram that graphically displays your areas of readiness and those areas where perhaps more work is required.

Just click on the link below to go to the Readiness Self Assessment Tool:


                      Readiness self assessment Tool for CommissionersReadiness Self Assessment Tool

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