Regional Training Courses for Social Prescribing Link Workers

Current Dates in London for 2019

 25th November 2019

London - Monday 21st October 2019

Resource for London
356 Holloway Road
N7 6PA

London - Monday 25th November 2019

Resource for London
356 Holloway Road
N7 6PA

“Hugely valuable! Absolutely necessary to do this course in order to become a SPLW!”

London Regional Workshop Attendee


In response to increasing popular demand for a Social Prescribing course for individual Social Prescribers and Link Workers, we are delighted to announce that our one-day SocialPrescriberPlus programme will be available regionally in September, October and November.

Who Should Attend?

The one day SocialPrescriberPlus™ course is ideal for:

  • Individuals wishing to train as Social Prescribers or Link Workers prior to applying for a role with an existing community Social Prescribing scheme, or for a Link Worker role in a Primary Care Network or GP Practice.
  • Members of  existing Social Prescribing schemes wishing to enhance their skills and learn the latest techniques for Active Listening, Motivational Interviewing and Health Coaching

What Will I Learn?

The SocialPrescriberPlus course is built around the HEE Competency Framework for Care Navigation at the Enhanced Level. It also incorporates the concepts and principles of Personalised Care (articulated in the NHS(E) Long Term Plan) as well as the very latest NHS(E) and National Association of Link Workers guidance and advice for Social Prescribing Link Workers.

The intensive full day SocialPrescriberPlus™ course provides delegates with all the knowledge and skills needed to enable them to take up a Social Prescriber or Link Worker role within a GP Practice, Primary Care Network or voluntary sector Social Prescribing scheme. The workshop is unashamedly practical in nature, providing lots of opportunities to practice Motivational Interviewing and Active Listening in a safe and supportive environment and discussing the day to day practicalities of joining and working with a PCN or Practice.

The course covers the essential Social Prescriber skills of Active Listening, Motivational Interviewing, Health Coaching and Relationship Building. It also introduces delegates to a range of referral, coaching, evaluation and personalised-care planning tools and templates – essential to ensuring the Social Prescriber can successfully master the day to day practicalities of working within a GP Practice or voluntary based Social Prescribing scheme.

A third module takes place some 6-8 weeks after the initial workshop. This is an Active Learning and Reflective Practice session in which Link Workers network with colleagues and share case studies, challenges and topical issues in a safe and facilitated environment. Designed to enable the creation of a high performing network of professional Link Workers, the Reflective Practice session is hugely empowering and builds lifelong friendships.

What does the Course cost?

The cost of the one day course is £297 plus VAT and includes 12 months of 24/7 telephone support following the training, together with access to all the materials used and ongoing collaboration and networking tools – allowing you to keep up to date with the latest Social Prescribing developments and to build lasting personal and professional relationships, and networks with colleagues.

Download the full SocialPrescriberPlus course brochure

SocialPrescriberPlus, DNA Insight's Social Prescribing training program for General Practice

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